cargotest.nvimrun cargo test inside neovim 2 weeks
dotfilesMy Dotfiles 2 months
elkEncypted Luks Key 8 months
eostre/ecorecore utilities for eostre 5 months
eostre/estdeostre standart library 5 months
graglMath Function Graph Engine 8 months
hyprmenuDMenu for Hyprland using GTK3 12 months
indexsearchA File Content Indexer Written In Rust 8 months
librecalxA graph visualization application 6 months
luisSimple Filemanager 16 months
naisMy Archlinux Install Script 10 months
progcpcopy in multithreaded with progressbar 4 months
reXA Tiny Linux Distribution 16 months
sbSimple Browser using QtWebEngine 16 months
scrubsSimple Documentation Util 16 months
spawnctlscript for easy container deployment 16 months
suckless/X/dmenuDynamic Menu for X 16 months
suckless/X/dwmDynamic Window Manager for X
suckless/X/pinentry-dmenudmenu styled pinentry 16 months
suckless/X/slockSimple Lockscreen for X 16 months
suckless/X/stSimple Terminal for X 16 months
suckless/X/tabbedTabbing System using Xembed 16 months
suckless/statusStatus for DWM and DWL 16 months
suckless/wayland/dbarDynamic Bar for DWL 15 months
suckless/wayland/dmenu-wlDynamic Menu for Wayland 12 months
suckless/wayland/dwlDynamic Window Manager for Wayland
suckless/wayland/ffbgSimple Wayland Wallpaper Client 4 months
suckless/wayland/swtSimple Wayland Terminal 13 months
suckless/wayland/wlockSimple Wayland Lockscreen 10 months
webtrayDock WebApps to the SysTray 4 days